Based on a shared love with French alchemists’ quest for enduring beauty, Perenelle offers a full line of luxury cosmetics products, made from all-natural ingredients. The name itself Perenelle plays on the idea of pearls finely ground into each product and the pearls of beauty intrinsic to every person.

The Challenge

The Work

Break into a well-established cosmetics market with a new product Simultaneously present the brand as both a natural and luxury product Design packaging, POP and marketing materials that are unique and attractive to drive recognition but consistently executed

The Result

Beginning with an executive analysis, Harvest worked closely with Perenelle to establish brand goals and concerns to ensure all communication pieces were on-point. Harvest researched the cosmetics market, noting which brands tended to do well—Why?—which brands struggled—Why?—and how to maximize exposure and recognition. With a strong, distinct brand tone and visual design, Perenelle is poised to present its clearly defined natural products to the luxury cosmetics market.